KCNPI Partners for our Community

Our participants have a shared vision – a future of beautiful, native landscapes connecting heartland communities where nature and people thrive together.

We are committed to our mission – to ignite a regenerative relationship between our native landscapes and heartland communities by acknowledging their beauty, increasing knowledge of how to expand their presence, and cultivating opportunities to work together.

What is our focus

With input from all of the KCNPI participants, there are four focus areas identified for our preliminary goals.  By focusing on these topic areas, KCNPI will engage a broad audience ranging from individual residents to the private sector, to conservation organizations, and to community leaders and influencers, thereby building the impact of their work

  1. Education, demonstration, marketing and advocacy (EM&A)

Coordination of communications and information, curricula, and educational programming including demonstration gardens for all ages and stakeholders to stimulate greater appreciation, marketability, and knowledge of the connections between wellbeing and native landscape.

  1. Strategic planning and policymaking (P&P)

Influence local and regional planning, policy-making, and land management toward the implementation and connection of native landscapes of all scales.

  1. Coordination between existing organizations (C-EO)

Coordinate and align goals and strategies between partner organizations that elevate the effectiveness of each and the collective effort of all.

  1. Native landscape projects (NLP)

Promote and connect native large scale landscaping projects that strategically increase the quality, quantity, and connectedness of native landscapes in the region.

How we will work

One of the great strengths of KCNPI is the breadth and diversity of our partners’ organizations.  Our goal is to leverage the strengths and experiences of all partners in order to achieve an impact greater than any one organization can achieve alone.  We are building a structure so that collectively everyone sitting around the table can work together to build capacity and increase the impact of their work.   KCNPI will enable working across the sectors to pull together resources and knowledge, and coordinate efforts to support the achievement of greater successes by the participants.


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