Discovery Center Design Charrette

The Kansas City Native Plant Initiative (KCNPI) and Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) have joined forces to renovate the wildflower/prairie garden at the MDC Discovery Center.  Once the design process is complete KCNPI will plant, interpret and maintain this component of the Discovery Center landscape.

To determine the designs, KCNPI hosted a design charrette on August 7th, where landscape designers, naturalists, biologists, horticulture professionals, artists, and others came together in teams to reimagine the space as a welcoming, low maintenance, inspirational example of what native plantings can be.  Each team shared their designs at the end of the charrette.  Click the links below each design to view videos of the teams explaining their designs.

Team 1:

David Dods |

Patti Ragsdale | Happy Apple’s Farm

Alix Daniel | Missouri Department of Conservation

Kate Barsotti | Katybird Illustration



Team 1 presentation Video

Team 2:

Brett Spangler | Vireo

Stacey Davis | Missouri Department of Conservation

Rebecca Fournoy | Missouri Department of Conservation

Matt Bunch | Giving Grove


Team 2 presentation Video

Team 3:

Elise Hubbard | Hubbard Studio

Pat Whalen | Missouri Department of Conservation

Paula Diaz | GardeNerd Consultations

Anna Graether | Gardener

Laurie Brown | Vireo




Team 3 presentation Video

Team 4:

Chris Sanders | SWT Design

Will Gibson | Down to Earth Services

Kristin Riott | Bridging the Gap

Lauren Cano | Vireo

Roberta Vogel-Leutung | GreenWorks KC

Cathy Bylinowski | MU Extension



Team 4 Presentation Video




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