Upcoming Events

Here you will find events related to native plant education and conservation offered in the Kansas City area.  This list includes those offered by KCNPI and partners as well as those of interest to the native plant community of the Kansas City area.  Email kcnpi@kcnpi.org with events to be added!

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Looking for native plant sales?



14 Starting with Shrubs: Designing for Birds

14 Plants with a Purpose: Native Plants in Gardens and Landscapes

14 Make Paper with Native Plants

16 Native Plants for Your Yard and Garden

18 Planting in a Post-Wild World with Claudia West

19 The Know Maintenance Perennial Garden with Roy Diblik

19 Landscaping with Native Plants

21 Isn’t it Time for a Rain Garden?

21 Go Native! at Discovery Center

22 Earth Day Boulevard Brewhouse One Release Party

24 Hometown Habitat: Stories of Bringing Nature Home

27 Plant Identification Walk at Kaw Point

28 Green Infrastructure Installation at Plexpod Westport Commons


Native Garden Design and Maintenance 

4-6 Overland Park Arboretum Plant Sale 

12 Honeysuckle Removal Blue Valley Park

19 Honeysuckle Removal Blue Valley Park


23 Gardening with Compassion: Capturing Biodiversity for the Future